Sponsorship Mastery Kit 2.0

Sponsorship Mastery Kit 2.0

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This kit includes EVERYTHING you need to get started pitching your sponsorships immediately

Custom Sponsorship Decks and Brand IDEA Strategies

A sponsorship deck or proposal is sent out to a brand to attract interest. Think of it as a resume.  A custom proposal is expected. Brands want to know how you will integrate their brand category specifically, so this means that if it’s an automobile brand they will want to know how you would integrate a car into the event. 

3 Custom Sponsorship Proposals I’ve sent to Brands
Now, if this wasn't good enough I’m going to offer something that agencies charge THOUSANDS of dollars for and that is IDEAS!!! Yes, I’m giving you my IDEAS for pennies when these IDEAS could bring you thousands!
I’ve created an ENTIRE IDEA STRATEGIES spreadsheet with over 5 categories and ideas for each brand categories. There are over 100 IDEAS in general and over 80 IDEAS that are category specific! So, you’ll be off and running in minutes. I’m shaving years off your life here!

The Ultimate Event Budget Template

How do you know how much sponsorship go after if you’re not sure how much your event is going to cost? Your event budget is the foundation for sponsorship because it dictates your sponsorship goal. So, what do you include in your sponsorship budget? You include a publicist, step and repeats, graphic artists, photographer, etc. If some of these things are not familiar to you, don’t worry. I explain it all in my video that comes with the budget. You need to understand the basic costs involved with producing a successful event and this budget has it all!

1 Budget Spreadsheet with all line items associated with a basic event
A video that explains each budget line item

Sponsorship Mastery Audio Set 

It’s one thing to guess what sponsors want, but this suite of interviews give you insight from people who eat, breath and work sponsorships all year long.
You need to understand what sponsors look for in events, how they evaluate your sponsorship deck, and what they want to hear when they speak to you.
They are being pitched all the time, you need the inside track to what works and what doesn’t! This suite of interviews will give you the inside track from people who pitch or get pitched sponsorships all the time! I’ve invited a few experts to share all of their insider tips and tricks with you!

2 Marketing Agency Interviews
Interview with my Sponsorships Team

A real sponsorship Call

      The Ultimate Email & Follow Up Guide for Sponsorship 

      The one thing you’ll need to stand out to sponsors is an amazing email.
      Your introduction email is your first impression, so it’s important that this email is on point in every way! In addition to sending your introduction email, you need to know how to follow up. If you don’t follow up, you won’t get sponsored. It’s that simple. Even with brands I know, follow up is required. Once you follow up, you’ll need to follow up again….and again! Having a savvy email plan is critical to getting attention and getting to the next step with a sponsor. Having a follow-up plan is even more important!

      My latest Email Introduction Example
      My latest Follow Up Email Example

      The email I sent to Staples CEO that got me noticed!

      My suggested follow-up methods!


      Instructions on Finding the Right Brand Contact Emails
      Who’s going to sponsor your next event? How are you going to reach out to them? The first step is to work your “warm” contacts, but you’ll also need to reach out to other brands you might not know. You will need to reach out to the right person at the brand, but how do you find out who works in marketing or brand partnerships? It’s taken years, but I finally have an amazing way to find the right contact at brands. As a matter of fact, if you purchased the Sponsorship Mastery Audio Set you will hear an interview with a brand I met using this method.

      PDF with step by step instructions on how to get the email of a person in marketing from a brand you want to sponsor your next event

      Sponsorship Deck Template

      A sponsorship deck or proposal is sent out to the brand to attract interest. Think of it as a resume. This is your selling tool. This tool will be used to grab the attention of the brand, it will be sent internally inside the company to different departments, it will be printed out for meetings, or it will be looked at and closed.
      Your deck says EVERYTHING about you and your event. It communicates EVERYTHING about the quality of your event at first glance. After all, it’s the only thing that a brand will know about you. Again, think of it as sending your resume to a company to get hired. The sponsorship deck is the most critical component of the entire sponsorship process, so it’s important that you GET IT RIGHT. No pressure

      Customizable Sponsorship Deck Template in PPT form. It easily converts to Keynote

        My Sponsorship Deck + One Page Sponsorship Proposal 

        You might want to see what I’ve used exactly. I’m showing you what I’ve sent to brands. You can get the language that I use and how I introduce my events to be sponsored. Only my closest friends and brands have seen my actual sponsorship decks. This is giving you full access to what I’ve sent to brand to secure sponsors.

        My 2015 Sponsorship Deck. This deck was sent and sponsorship was secured from Verizon, Prudential, and ESSENCE Magazine
        My 2016 Sponsorship Deck. This deck was sent and sponsorship was secured from Covergirl and Motions at sponsors.

         My 2017 Sponsorship Deck. This deck was sent and sponsorship was secured from Motions, Coca Cola, and ESSENCE Magazine.

        My One Page Sponsorship Proposal. This one page proposal was sent and sponsorship was secured from Nissan and Macy’s.


        Post Sponsorship Wrap Up Deck Example

        You’ve secured a sponsor and your event is over. Now what?
        Your sponsor will expect a recap of the event and this recap is called a wrap-up deck. Your wrap up deck will include of everything you promised in your agreement with the brand. It will also include a tangible way for you to express the success of the event. This tool says: I provided everything I promised to you and here is how amazing it turned out. If you have already secured a sponsor, you’ll need to send a wrap-up deck.

         An example Wrap Up Deck


        Intro to Sponsorship Course

        If you’ve never secured sponsorships for your event, this video lecture will give you the basics. You need to understand what brands will expect.
        This is the basic foundation needed to secure sponsors

        A 13 Minute Video with the 5 Things You Must Know to Secure Sponsorship

        Audio Book

        If you’re like me and your learn best audibly, you should ABSOLUTELY get the audio version of this book. The audio book was read by me and so you’ll have me in your ears teaching you everything I know about sponsorship. It reinforces what you learn reading the book. You’ll hear it and read it. The information is more likely to “stick”!

        The Full Book Read and Edited by Brandice Daniel
        The book separated into Chapters

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