FREE E-BOOK - The Guide to Virtual Event Sponsorship

FREE E-BOOK - The Guide to Virtual Event Sponsorship

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"How I secured sponsorship from over 10 brands after pivoting from live to virtual events. - Brandice Daniel

Learn the techniques I used to secure over $2 million in event sponsorship over the past 10 years. 


Here's what people have said from the previous Sponsored Book: 

I was sceptical at first to purchase SPONSORED, not because I didn't trust Brandice's knowledge or years in the industry but because they are hundreds of people selling everything from how to build your credit to how to build big social media influence. It's too many. I am cautious about how I spend my money when it comes to that but I went ahead and purchased the book last year. I was able to take everything I learned from the book back to my colleagues and share that knowledge with them. I am happy to say that we were able to secure more sponsors for our 2018 compared to our 2017 event thanks to tips provided from this book. I can't wait to execute brand sponsorships for 2019! - Keicia Shanta, Public Relations

This book is ultimately life-changing when it comes to how to get sponsors! I was trying to get a particular sponsor for a networking event and could not get a definitive answer from them. Within 48 hours of reading this book, I was able to secure this sponsor! Brandice breaks down all of her secrets and gives great examples. It’s almost as if you’re talking to your girlfriend in person. With all that said, BUY THIS BOOK! You will for sure be pleased!  - Allyson Nickerson, Founder of Mommy's Making Moves

This book has helped me to surpass my previous sponsorship amounts. I had the ability to look at each event I worked on with a different set of eyes. The book shows you what you are missing and gives you the knowledge needed to surpass your goals. I am very happy I found this book and that Brandice allowed me the opportunity to do what she has done and then some! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! Awesome book. - Sedaria Williams, Publicist/Author

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